How to Write a Cozy Mystery


1      Young woman (20’s – 30’s)
1      Heaping broken relationship
1      Small town
1-2  Close relatives
1      Murder
1      Supernatural element
1-2  Cops, to taste
1      Adorable pet
1      Love interest (may add multiple)
2      Twists
Good Food


Laptop Computer (any brand)


  1. Fold the broken relationship into the young woman, and move her to the new, small town with a close relative.
  2. Set the scene for a murder, ensuring the young woman remains nearby.
  3. Throw in a couple of incompetent cops, and let the young woman rise to the challenge of solving the murders herself.
  4. Put an adorable pet in the young woman’s life for companionship and comedic value.
  5. Add a love interest.
  6. Blend in a twist or two to surprise the reader’s senses.
  7. Sprinkle good food and lots of charm on top!


  • Two love interests may be added, depending on desired taste, but adding in multiple often results in a love triangle.
  • If planning to make multiple cozy mysteries, it helps to have an overarching story, usually something involving the young woman’s parents.
  • The supernatural element can be added at any time during the process.

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